Past Shows

In 1994 over 100 World War Two, Korea War and Peacekeeping Veterans joined other dedicated community volunteers to form Saskatoon’s Canada Remembers Committee, led by (now deceased) Chair and WWII Veteran Jack Scarfe; the first commemorative Canada Remembers Air Show was held on Sunday, May 7th, 1995, as a salute to the 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII … 50 years from the date Nazi Germany announced their surrender.

The Canada Remembers Air Show has long been acknowledged as Canada’s largest Tribute to Veterans project, honouring the presence of thousands of prairie-region Veterans and their families, along with many more coming from across Canada and the United States; to date, the event has entertained and educated over 400,000 on-site patrons, helped raise over $450,000.00 for charitable and community groups and has generated over $32M in economic benefits throughout the province.

Historical Overview

  • Created in 1995 in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII.
  • 1995, '96, '97 events were held at (then named) Saskatchewan Place, becoming the first Air Show in the world to ever be held at an Arena; this rare accomplishment was recognized in Stadium and Arena industry publications with world-wide distribution.
  • The event was held at the Saskatoon Airport from 1998 to 2009, which featured impressive aviation support with aircraft representation from the Canadian, U.S. and British Air Force and other foreign exchange pilots; highlights for some may have been an extremely rare appearance of the B-2 Stealth or the WWII Memphis Belle B-17, F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon Demonstrations, the C-5 Galaxy or other assets of Canadian and foreign military, as well as many of North America's finest civilian performers.
  • In 2000, the Canada Remembers event was awarded by Attractions Canada as being one of Canada's top 10 Outdoor Attractions and Saskatchewan's #1 Outdoor Attraction. 2000 also saw the first in a series of six Film Documentaries between 2000 and 2011, all being shot and produced by Thomega Entertainment with all six films receiving National television airings on Global, CTV, Prime and Vision Networks (with limited coast to coast airings on the Vision Network still to this day, most often the week of Nov. 11th).      
  • The tragedy of 9/11 resulted in Canada's deployment of troops in the battle against terrorism; in 2002, just three months after Canada's first casualties of the Afghanistan War, families of the fallen four were invited to Saskatoon where they met for the first time to share in a common loss; it was in 2002 that the Canada Remembers Tribute initiated an additional focus of honouring fallen Emergency Services in recognition of 9/11, as well as to salute the service and risks taken by our own Emergency personnel.  
  • The Air Show was not held in 2008 due to runway construction, however an annual commitment to acknowledge Veterans resulted in a special Veterans 'Folkfest' Pavilion being held at the Nutana Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • Although record rainfall in 2009 restricted 'zero' public being allowed on-site, the result was a surprise emergency re-adjustment by dedicated volunteers and the military who, throughout the night, relocated displays, a helicopter and other assets to the 'inside' of (then named) Credit Union Centre.  As many aging Heroes do not live to participate in a next-year Tribute, proceeding with the Parade of Veterans was the motivation and although heavy rain continued, limited Tribute Fly-Pasts were still held at the Arena and approximately 9,000 people came to Salute our community's aging Heroes, knowing there would be 'no Air Show'.  The impressive demonstration of commitment from the Saskatoon community and event participants was heralded throughout the North American Air Show industry, acknowledging the first-ever 'indoor' Air Show.
  • The event was not held in 2010 with no site available; an alternate smaller event replaced the 2010 Veterans Salute.
  • Having lost access to the airport, the 2011 Air Show Tribute returned and was held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway -- becoming the first Air Show in the world to ever be held at an oval auto race track.  The United States Air Force Honor Guard's first-ever appearance off U.S. soil was approved by the Pentagon to attend the 2011 Canada Remembers Tribute.   
  • Although a significant financial loss incurred in 2011, (then named) Credit Union Centre's Board approved continuation of the 2012 Air Show with performer bookings in place; it was suddenly cancelled in Feb. of 2012.  602 Lynx Wing and other committed volunteers stepped forward to save the Veterans Tribute and within a few short months produced the 2012 event and again in 2013.
  • Having lost Major Show Status after leaving the Airport site, the inability to coordinate Military schedules and Show site availability in Saskatoon resulted in the 2014 event being replaced with 'Picnic-In-The-Park with Heroes' behind Sherbrooke Veterans Village, allowing Veterans and the community to still gather in Remembrance and recognize our local Heroes.       
  • Continuous logistical challenges and future property development, among other factors, will result in 2015 being the final Canada Remembers Air Show Tribute for Saskatoon.  Aside from regional, national and international awards and accolades, the Canada Remembers Project has also contributed to an economic impact exceeding $35M ... has educated and entertained well over 500,000 people and has helped raise over $450,000 for various non-profit and charitable organizations.  A proud journey in honour of our Heroes.

Lest We Forget.